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Plant the change you want to see 

Callistemon viminalis is a fast growing, the weeping bottlebrush is a beautiful evergreen shrub or small tree adorned with weeping branches as name suggests, that are clothed in narrow light green leaves, the plant is covered with dense spikes of up to 15 cm long of bright blood red flowers that resemble bottle brushes in late spring and early summer and then sporadically. The blooms are a rich source of nectar for birds. Weeping bottlebrush is useful asa screen plant, in erosion control, or as a specimen or street tree. Easily grown in acidic, moist, well-drained soils in full sun, light shade and is not suitable for windy areas, drought tolerant but performs best with regular irrigation. Pruning is recommended after flowering to remove most of the spent flowers and encouraging attractive growth.

Callistemon viminalis - Weeping bottle brush

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