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Plant the change you want to see 

  • We regenerate soil – naturally.

For thriving gardens, lawns and fruit and veg, Bactivate 3 in 1 Home Soil Regeneration Packs are the choice of award winning farmers who care about the next generation – now available for backyard soil farming experts right across Australia.

  • Certified organic for your peace of mind.

The Bactivate 3 in 1 packs are organic certified by NASAA. That means less chemical fertilisers around your family and in our drains, rivers, lakes and seas. 

  • What are the benefits?

The Bactivate home soil farmers pack contains all you need to regenerate your soil and build thriving bacteria communities so your plants, flowers, lawns and fruit and veg can thrive.

  • Naturally improved soil and garden health.

Our balanced range of organic input certified bacillus bacteria, with the right food sources, increase nutrient uptake and kick start your soil engine for naturally beautiful gardens and lawns.

  • Speed to maturity.

Adding the Bactivate program has repeatedly shown speed to maturity of plants, flowers, lawns and fruit and veg. That means you can be enjoying more beautiful gardens and tastier fruit and veg sooner.

  • Tastier, longer lasting, more nutritious fruit and veg.

Healthy bacteria colonies in your soil are key to building improved ph in your soil. Better nutrients and energy mean better tasting, more nutritious and longer lasting fruit and veg without the chemicals. Yes, it’s proven that fruit and veg last longer when they come from healthy soils.

  • Protection against extreme events.

Better root elongation and density, aeration of soils and water retention means your lawns, flowers, plants and fruit and veg will be better prepared to defend against the extreme weather impacts we know only to well in Australia.

  • Perfect for speeding up your composting.

Adding Bactivate bacteria to your compost is the perfect way to speed the composting process by up to 30%. Our bacteria love the nutrients in compost and will digest them rapidly. Once more, once you throw your compost on your gardens our bacteria will begin their real work. Not a composter? Well you should start. Every garden counts.

  • Good for the planet.

Every garden counts and soil stores more carbon than trees or plants. Healthy bacteria in your soil is the very basis for improving carbon capture in our soils. Adding the Bactivate program to your gardens is one of the most important thing you can do with your dollars to help the planet.

Porous structure of bio-base.

The unique open structure of our bio-base improves the aeration of soils and water retention.

  • Pet friendly.

Got a hungry dog or cat? Don’t worry. These are all natural products naturally found in soils and they will be fine if they digest anything. Of course we don’t recommend feeding it to them as you want the bacteria in your soils not in your pet. Because of this we recommend trying to keep them off any new application for 24hrs.

  • Simple to apply.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist on this one and application is as easy as 1,2,3. The bacteria in Bactivate can be put out with a spreader or simply by hand. You only need a larger (9-10L) watering can to apply our plant carbon and plant biostimulant with seaweed.

BACTIVATE Home soil regeneration pack

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